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Protect yourself from movements in the price of your assets

SmartPiggies are digital contracts that provide their owners with protection against undesirable changes in the price of any asset, product, or service; similar to a capped financial option.

SmartPiggies are transferable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with smart contract functionality allowing them to behave as a price insurance policy for the holder.

What are SmartPiggies?

SmartPiggies are "smart" piggy banks into which collateral may be deposited and are efficient enough to demonstrate contract and market behaviors independent of any controlling entity, broker-dealer, or intermediary; hence the name "SmartPiggies".

How do they work?

Similar to other kinds of insurance, an insurer is paid to provide coverage under certain conditions, for a limited amount of time, subject to a maximum benefit.

Why use SmartPiggies?


Earn Premium...

SmartPiggies Non-Fungible Tokens are digital risk transfer products that anyone can create and sell. By depositing collateral in a SmartPiggy NFT and putting it at risk, a creator can earn a premium.


Buy protection or speculate

Anyone who buys and holds a SmartPiggies NFT is holding a price insurance contract that pays out should the price of an underlying asset cross a specified threshold.


Protect yourself from price movements

SmartPiggies allows buyers to acquire price protection and sellers to earn a premium.

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