Come Join The Smart Piglets Founders Club!

The time has come to acquire an oinktastic Smart Piglets Founders Club NFT!

Each Smart Piglet represents a donation towards the development of a SmartPiggies non-fungible options platform and SmartPiggies DAO. Holders of Piglets will obtain special access to a SmartPiggies community that embraces the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and financial access.

All terms and conditions are subject to change, though not without such updates provided on

Live on the Polygon network!

Origin Story

Long had the Piggyverse been ruled by kings and emperors who reserved authority over all of piggykind. While occasionally benevolent, as the years passed, these monarchs tightened their grip and consolidated their power ever further...

...Until one day, when a new generation of Piglets tired of the power of the few over the many worked to form a global collective to put powerful tools into the hands of all piggykind, not just the few at the top.

And what did these young piglets call themselves? Legends tell of a Smart Piglets Founders Club…

Which Smart Piglets Founders Club NFTs will be made available?

Smart Piglets Founders Club NFTs plan to be available in two tiers:


33,333 Piglet Founder NFTs for 33 MATIC each


3,333 Piglet Whale NFTs for 3,333 MATIC each

The NFT art mint is structured as a continuous fair mint with immediate reveal of NFT artworks, intended to be ongoing as the community grows. As the SmartPiggies project progresses, the availability of Smart Piglets Founders Club NFTs may, among other things, be periodically paused and the mint requirement increased.

Over time, the MATIC mint requirement for Smart Piglets Founders Club NFTs may increase as the SmartPiggies project progresses and as more information and features become available. If the status of the project changes or a feature is added that materially affects the value of the Smart Piglets Founders Club NFTs, then minting may be paused temporarily or permanently at SmartPiggies' sole discretion.